Probably the most efficient and effective way to have your carpets deep cleaned is steam. There is so much dirt, dust, bacteria, and germs that your carpet attracts. The worst thing is that it gets to the base of the carpet and it lingers there. That’s why a simple vacuum cleaner can’t get rid of everything. We have all the right equipment and detergents. Plus we have the skills and knowledge so why not let us take care of your carpet.

There is no risk of damaging the fibers. We will only bring back the fresh and clean feel and look of it. In order for the results to last long, we would recommend our service twice a year. That way you will be sure that your carpets will always be clean and sanitized.

Our technicians are fully trained and skilled.

You would be ready to walk on your carpet hours after the service is done. Our cleaners will tell you exactly when after the service is done.

Not sure your carpet need deep professional cleaning?

It does. It’s impossible to see all the bacteria and germs. But we can reassure you that your carpet is full of not only that but with dirt and dust. And that’s quite unhealthy for you and your family.

Stains also are very annoying and can’t be removed without using the help of special equipment and detergents.


  • When you combine our End of Tenancy Service with our Carpet Service you receive up to Combine 50% discount.
  • When you book a Carpet Cleaning for over £150 you receive a £10 discount.