When your oven is dirty it can cause lots of problems. For example, it doesn’t perform that good, it takes longer to heat and it needs more power in order to keep the temperature it is set on, it has a shorter lifespan. This equals higher bills. Also, it is very unhealthy. Imagine how the food you’re eating is being prepared in an environment full of leftover food, oil residue, grease, germs, and bacteria. Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

Reach out to Cleaners Chiswick and we will make sure we remove all of the above so that we can bring back your oven to the spotless fresh condition it was in when you first bought it.

What does the process include?

It’s actually quite simple. One of our fully trained technicians will inspect your oven. That way he will decide what detergents to use. Then they will disassemble all the removable parts of your oven. They will soak them in a powerful solution that will get rid of all the unwanted things like leftover food and grease. While they are soaking our cleaner will deep clean and scrub the outside and inside of your oven. The service ends in assembling the removable parts back together. You will be able to use it right after we are done.

This service lasts an hour.


  • When you book an End of Tenancy Cleaning for over £120 you receive a FREE Oven Cleaning.
  • When you combine a Single Oven Cleaning with Hob and Extractor Cleaning you only pay £79.